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Local Organizations.

No work involved.

Tournaments managed for you.

Managing Tournaments for You

At NST, we do all of the behind the scenes work for managing sports tournaments for our organization partners. We will market, provide officials, get teams signed up, and build schedules based on your organizational needs and vision.

Fundraising Simplified

In addition to a local tournament hosted by your organization, at the end of the tournament we will provide your organization with a check of up to 50%* of the tournament's earnings. We cover all fees associated with officials, scheduling, and administration.


We only require a few things from organizations in order to keep our fundraising production so high. While we can provide these things, they cut into the funds that would normally go to your organization's pocket:

  • Grounds crew: Person (or people) at the facilities to line and drag fields between games.

  • Overseer: Someone to be at the facility and to report any issues. This can be a singular person or multiple people on a rotation.
    (Such as hosting team coaches between their games)

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